About Will Bramhall

Will Bramhall is a member of the human species from North Carolina. His most recent pastime has been mixing matcha powder (green tea) with chocolate milk, shaking it up, and consuming the resulting concoction.

He speaks several languages, including Japanese, a small amount of Mandarin, a small amount of German, English, and one he made up — Willonian. Here is an excerpt of him speaking in Willonian for all to read.

“Barble barble barble barrrrr ble barble ble ble barble

Flohhhhh rolpppp marna marna nab dab jimmy”

The rules of Willonian change depending on mood, weather, and whether or not the pizza guys included the spicy peppers, but that’s moot information given that Will Bramhall is the only one who speaks it, at least if we’re talking fluently.

Will’s hobbies include pestering his girlfriend, playing guitar, singing, playing drums, playing any other musical instrument he can get his hands on, learning languages, talking to friends, reading a whole darn bunch of books, business, psychology, blogging, Ebook writing, taking all the food out of the refrigerator and putting it in his mouth, closing the refrigerator and walking away satisfied, pestering his cat, pestering his parents to buy more food, plenty of theology, cooking, coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee tea, and pestering his girlfriend some more. And some more.

And some more.

He plans on writing 500 Ebooks. Though he would probably settle for a few quality ones that sell well. He also plans on owning his own coffee shop.